Andy Cato

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Andy Cato is one half of the electronic dance band, Groove Armada, the other half being Tom Findlay. He is also involved with Rachel Foster in Weekend Players, another electronic dance group.

Early life

Cato grew up in a village near Barnsley and played the trombone in a colliery brass band, as well as the Doncaster Youth Jazz Orchestra and won the Young Jazz Musician of the Year Award in 1996.


Cato was educated at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, an independent school for boys in Wakefield, followed by the University of Oxford (Merton College), where he studied history.

Groove Armada

After the University of Oxford, he moved to London, where he began acting as a disc jockey at nightclubs and composing music. He set up the label Skinny Malinky. He met Tom Findlay in 1994 in Cambridge, through a common friend who was his girlfriend (and now his wife), Jo, whom he met at Oxford. In London they had a dance night calledCaptain Sensual at the Helm of the Groove Armada.

Activism and Politics

He is well known as a voice on environmental concerns, sustainability and agribusiness. In 2011, he also established a new band, Days of May, which focuses partly on protest music relating to economic depression. In the same year he became the first musician to compose a ringtone for a specific charity, WaveLength Charity, which gives TVs and radios to isolated and vulnerable people in the UK.